Monday, January 28, 2013


If we are faithful with what we have been given, God will give us more.  This simple maxim has proven true over the course of the CTK story.

When CTK met in a single location, and involved less than a hundred people, there was a concerted effort to do the best we could with what we had.  Our worship team was small, but well rehearsed.  Our signs were informative and well placed.  Our coffee was hot (we had someone stationed near the table to clean it and keep it stocked).  The greeters were friendly.  The kids rooms were clean.  The bathrooms had toilet paper and towels.  The kids workers were in their rooms ahead of time, and they were identifiable with shirts and badges.  The service started, and ended, on time.  We made a big deal out of the coffee mug we were giving to our guests.  We did what we could think to do to meet the needs of those who were coming our way.  And God ended up sending more people, maybe because we did pretty well with the ones he had sent already.

Contrast that with a small church that is not tending to detail:  The worship team is still practicing as people are arriving.  The powerpoint slides are being formatted just minutes before the service is to begin.  Kids workers are showing up at the same time as the kids.  Because someone is absent, a classroom has a sign posted, "Sorry, no class today."  The coffee pot is empty, and the information table is a mess.  The programs are being just laid on a chair for people to pick up, instead of handed out personally.  The service starts late, and of course, runs over.  People don't greet the newcomers, but instead jump into cliques when the service is over.  The whole experience is half-baked, as if this church was not planning on having guests that weekend.  This lack of attention to detail does not work for people.  People can understand that you may be a small congregation.  What they don't understand is why you are sloppy congregation.  They appreciate cozy; they just don't appreciate careless.  They like little, they loath lazy.

But of bigger concern is God's opinion about all this.  He has already gone on record that faithfulness precedes fruitfulness.  So before you ask God for more people, ask "How are we doing with the ones He has already sent?"  You will be a bigger church, after you are a better church.

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