Friday, January 18, 2013


Some solutions are simple, but they are anything but easy.  Consider, for example, the debt crisis in America.  It is actually very simple what needs to be done to balance the national budget and pay back the debt.  It's simple math, requiring simple adjustments.  But it's anything but easy.  The consequences of budget cuts are so painful to consider that no one really wants to consider them (so they aren't).  Plus the political implications of being the instigator of such draconian measures - well, that's a recipe for a pretty short political career, so everyone wants someone else to go first.  But no one can say that the solutions aren't obvious.  

But isn't this how it almost always falls for those in leadership?  It's simple.  It's just not easy.

Perhaps the location in which you are meeting is working against you, not for you.  The solution is rather simple:  move to a better location.  But that's not easy.  Not easy to find a better spot, or convince people of the need, or actually get stuff packed up.  The challenge is all in the implementation, not the decision.

Maybe you have a staff person is not getting the job done, nor will they.  That's a simple one.  Replace them with someone who will or can.  But it is not easy to make a move like that.  It's emotionally taxing and organizationally perilous.  So many trudge on for years with an untenable situation rather than do what needs to be done.

It's possible that in your Worship Center there is a very small percentage of people connected in small groups.  You know what to do.  But small group work is very difficult work.  It's easy-er to just get up and preach another sermon.  It's hard to make the phone calls, schedule the meetings, and actually get people connected.

Why is the distinction between simple and easy important?  Well, for one thing, you might be praying the wrong prayer.  You might be praying, "God help me to know what I must do" when you should be praying, "God help me to do what I must do."  For many of us, it is not a lack of insight that is holding us back.  It is a lack of courage.

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