Monday, November 19, 2012


Recent experiences have given me some insights and resolve regarding organizations institutionalizing.  Why do groups institutionalize?  Because that is the default setting.  Your group will too, given time.  You don't need to do anything for it to happen.  And that really is the challenge.  It takes intentionality and effort to keep (a key word) it from happening.  If you and others do not show that kind of intentionality, it is just a matter of time.  
In the CTK story, what specifically do we have to "Keep"?
We have to KEEP the main thing the main thing.  The main thing (according to Jesus) is love for God and people.  We have to keep getting better at being loving.  We know that we are becoming the disciples that Jesus had in mind, when both God and people feel loved by us.  The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.  
We have to KEEP the arrows pointed out.  This is not about us.  This is about the countless lost souls all around us.  "Arrows out" means a lot of things.  It means that those of us who are already here pay the price for those who are not.  It means that we behave in a way that is winsome to the broader community.  We need to keep saying, "Always a Place for You."   
We have to KEEP following the bread crumbs.  The CTK story has been about individuals following the leading of God.  But we have to keep following.  We cannot settle, or stagnate.  Where does God want to take us next?
Remember, someone has to keep it from happening, to keep it from happening.  

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