Friday, October 19, 2012


Cliffs prove dangerous, but guardrails are helpful to protect us from disaster.  The ideal placement for a guardrail is not right the edge of the cliff, but back aways. 
One of the great threats in ministry is the temptation for a pastor to develop an inappropriate relationship with a member of the opposite sex.  In order to keep away from this danger, the guardrails should be placed as follows, as it relates to the opposite sex:

1.    Do not meet with a woman on an ongoing basis (including prayer meetings).  Make the handoff to a counselor or another woman.

2.    Always meet in a public place, and during normal business hours.

3.    Do not sit next to them, and if possible, have a desk or table between you.  Sit with good posture, in a professional manner.

4.    Never meet at your home, or theirs, unless your spouse is present.  Never meet in an undisclosed location, or in secret.

5.    Do not give a frontal hug – only side-armed hugs.  If possible limit physical contact to a brief handshake, or none at all.

6.    Never say, “I love you” or “You are special to me,” etc.  Always make clear that any caring is from a spiritual perspective.

7.    Do not ride alone in a car.

8.    If they correspond with you, let them know that you share correspondence with your wife or husband.

9.    Maintain eye contact when in conversation, do not look elsewhere.

10. When having conversation with a couple, look at the person of the same sex, more than the person of the opposite sex.

11. Never wink, or give what could be perceived to be a flirtatious gesture.

12. Do not use innuendo, double meanings, or tell an inappropriate joke.

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