Friday, September 21, 2007


One of the beautiful things about CTK is its focus. Early in CTK’s history Steve Mason decided that CTK would focus on three things. We have carried on with these three priorities: Worship, Small Groups, and Outreach.

One of the reasons these priorities have had such spiritual impact is that they connect directly with the “great commandments” of Jesus: to love God (Worship) and people (Small Groups, Outreach). But staying focused is a challenging proposition. Over time there is a tendency to become diluted and less clear. This happens to many well-meaning businesses and ministries. Some of the challenges to focus at CTK include:

• Additional programs (“program creep”)
• Accumulation of stuff (building, equipment)
• Drift from participants to spectators

Over time, with “focus fatigue,” people can no longer articulate the activities of the church succinctly. The only real response to “focus fatigue” is deliberate leadership. Leaders have to become more intentional about articulating the priorities. Leaders must occasionally “weed the garden” of activities that do not support the priorities. Some of the ways this can be done:

• Limiting announcements to what can fit in the program
• A moratorium on non-small-group activities

What have you done to combat focus fatigue? Has it worked?

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