Monday, October 31, 2005


Churches are like fingerprints. Every church possesses unique characteristics that God intends to use to reach out to the world. CTK is a special combination of elements, that is perhaps made clear through contrast. What makes CTK different.

We are This… Instead of This…

Organism Organization
Forest Tree Farm
Mice Elephant
Jet skis Barge
Fast Vast
Simple Complex
Essentials Extraneous
Network Mainframe
Horizontal Vertical
Porous Resistant
Centered Bounded
Informal Formal
Effectiveness Efficiency
Low-tech High-tech
Cellular Congregational
Outreach Seeker
Messy Careful
Ambiguity Protocol
Non-linear Linear
Improvisational Scripted
Good enough Perfection
Volunteers Professionals
Reality Image
Arrows pointed out Arrows pointed in
Scalable Contained
Transferable Proprietary
Decentralized Centralized
Outstretched hand Clenched fist
Export Import
Distribute Hold
Guerrilla Conventional
Micro Mega
More is better Bigger is better
Them Us
We go to them They come to us
Scattering Gathering
Rescue boat Pleasure cruise
Empowerment Control
Variety Conformity
Spirit Structure
Groups Programs
People are ministers Pastor is minister
More leaders More followers
Relationships Religion
Belong, believe Believe, belong
By 10s By 100s
Movement Ministry
Cooperation Competition
Reach a community Build a church
Be a blessing Be a success
Hospital Showcase
Process Status
Entrepreneurial Institutional
Yes, Sure, You Bet No, Sorry, We Can’t
Pro Anti
People Buildings
Ideas Atoms
Kingdom Church

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