Monday, October 31, 2005


People often remark that CTK is "different" than other churches they have seen. God is definitely shaping the CTK culture in a unique way. It is certainly a contrast from churches I have experienced in my past, in several ways....

1. Arrows are pointed out, instead of in.

We're not asking everyone to come to us; we're asking us to go to them.

2. People are the ministers, instead of pastors.

We want our pastors to equip the people for the work of the ministry.

3. More is better, instead of bigger.

We want to reach an unlimited number of people by ministering in an unlimited number of places.

4. Less programming, instead of more.

We’re not a program driven church, but there are unlimited ministries that people can engage in.

5. Great movement, instead of a great ministry.

We want to see the spiritual landscape transformed, not just another church established.

"Different" does not necessarily mean "better." Every church has an important part to play in God's plan for reaching the world. We just want to be faithful to what God is calling us to be, and do. We want to become more of who we already are.

If you want 1000 pounds of meat, raise elephants. If you want 1000 tons of meat, raise rabbits.

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