Friday, September 21, 2012


The first words of the CTK Mission Statement are:  To create an authentic Christian community.   An authentic Christian community is difficult to create.  An inauthentic culture is a little easier to develop, partly because there are so many characters who will come along to "help" you, like:

The “Expert" - this is the person who is not interested in learning from others, only teaching others.  They overestimate their own contributions, and underestimate the contributions of others.  This arrogance precludes them from the benefits of true community.
The “Pious” - this is the person who is mostly concerned with how good they are, and how good others are.  They takes great pains, and gives them to others.  They are not grace-based; they are works based.  They make it difficult for others to feel loved and accepted in their current state.
The “Silent Observer” - this is the person who does not engage.  They are completely at ease sitting back and watching others the work of relationships.  They don't share, they only receive.  
The “Mind Reader” - this is the person who spends a bulk of their time assessing other's thoughts, behaviors and motivations.  They are no good at it, but that doesn't keep them from trying to live everyone else's life.  (And as long as they are living someone else's, they'll never have to live their own.)
The “Placator” - this is the person who only wants to see everyone "get along," even if it means forsaking reality.  They don't want to face real issues, preferring to just cover them up.  They vote for the superficial over the substantive.  
The “Devil’s Advocate” - this is the person who is contrarian "just because."  They just can not bring themselves to be positive, or affirm others.  It's hard to have community with them, because you can only align with them on the downbeat.  
The “Non-Stop Talker” - this is the person who never gives up the mic once they get it in their hands.  They filibuster the conversation - losing touch with the fact that relationships are intended to be a back and forth proposition. 

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