Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Happy is found somewhere between not enough and too much. There's a sweet spot in life - a place where you find flow in your life and ministry. It's not a place of extreme. It's a place of balance. It's a place of health and proportion. It's "the comfort zone" between too cold and too hot.

This principle might apply to:

Your communication. The ideal message has enough content to satisfy, but not so much as to leave the listener feeling stuffed. Are your memos too long? Are your messages portion-controlled? Less is sometimes more when it comes to getting a message across, but you need enough illustration to make the message clear.

Your creativity. Are you feeling harried? Are you on the go constantly? You can only borrow from tomorrow's energy for awhile before you have to pay it back. The sabbath rhythm of six parts work, one part rest should be followed religiously. There's a balance there. Too little time away can leave you feeling worn out, negatively impacting creativity. Too much time away can leave you feeling lethargic instead of relaxed, negatively impacting creativity. What is the balance that leaves you happy?

Your work. Are your colleagues getting enough time with you? Too much? There's a balance here. Too many meetings and the work suffers from a lack of time to do it. Too few meetings and the work suffers from a lack of answers to the questions that predictably arise. Groups that are happy have the right balance between time together and time apart.

One way to find out whether you are in a "happy place" is to ask. People around you (like your spouse) will probably be able to see your lack of balance before you do.

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